Pharmanomics LP

by Street Pharmacy



released January 11, 2015


all rights reserved



Street Pharmacy Welland, Ontario

Street Pharmacy is a hip-hop-reggae-rock band from Welland, Ontario Canada. The music of Street Pharmacy combines the honesty of 90s alternative rock, reggae grooves and lightening fast lyrical flow reminiscent of golden age hip hop. Fill your prescription today! ... more

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Track Name: To My High School Friends
1. To My High School Friends
Words and Music by Ryan Guay
Produced by Adam Tune, Will Marr and Ryan Guay


To my high school friends, that I don't remember
For those times we spent, that I don't remember
For those girls I bent woah that I don't remember
Days have come and went, and I don’t wanna remember
You! You! Yeah I don't remember
You! You! I don't wanna remember

Verse 1

That time, I looked you in the eye
And told you every single human was a rodent in disguise
The ones you never do expect end up the criminals
And those you think would have your back are all the last to call
It’s whimsical
You stuffed my locker with a bowl and a bat
Got them to search my pack, and stole my chick so you could get the stat
Now I’m older and I'm over that
You and that “cokehead cutie-pie” can stick it up yours and back

Verse 2

That time, I caught you outside
With that loser “best friend” and your hand between your thighs
I always knew that you were tricky, that's historical
I should have listened to the diction, of the principle, that you pulled
I broke his jaw, but you stole more than that
You took my heart and you laughed
So prim and proper but not class or tact
Now I’m older and I’m wise to that
You didn't age so well, it’s good to see you've gotten old and fat
Track Name: Settled Down
2. Settled Down
Words and Music by Ryan Guay
Produced by Will Marr, Ian Blackwood and Ryan Guay

Verse 1
She used to pick up on my deets in the lyrical sound
She used to get up off her seat and shout ‘em back at me loud
She even knew them more than me, I call that devotion
Her love for me was greater than most

She was the type of chick that never strayed from her crew, didn’t try a bunch of flavors
Next door never more than being neighbors
I need the nerve, I gotta tell her she’s my favourite
I’m getting greedy, not a sharer, I’ma take her away

Pre-Chorus 1
She’ll be mine to keep
When party days do end
I figured that at least
Until she found a man

Woah, no!
She settled down,
She don’t kick it with me no more! X2
Woah, No!
She settled down,
She don’t kick it with me like back then
She settled down and she’ll never come around again

Verse 2
She used to hate it when I’d leave for the tour I was bound
But she never gave me grief when I wasn’t around
She’d even call me in her sleep from across the ocean
Her love for me was greater than most

I was the type of kid that never said what I was thinking, chose to write it down on paper
Send a letter of a love that’s more than labor
My lack of confidence ain’t doing any favors
I gotta tell her ‘fore another fella take her away

Pre Chorus 2
Secretive and sweet
When slices meets and end
I thought she’d be with me
But then she found a man

So the saying goes and gets me sad
Not until it’s gone do you know what you had
All I gotta say is it drives me mad

Never again…
Track Name: The Code
3. The Code
Words and Music by Ryan Guay
Produced by Gavin Brown, Adam Tune, Ryan Guay & Will Marr

Verse 1
We can fight the battle strong together facing enemies/a single entity/in double harmony/ We would never run away from obstacles that needn’t be/ We paid our dues and fees/ it’s time to chase the dreams/ We got the code/ blood is more than signing paper/ opposition come then disappear like vapor/ The common thread that can be sewn between the lot of these/ our friends and family/ it’s how it has to be

We left on the lights/ so won’t you come inside/ a young word to the wise/ lets toast it up tonight/ here’s to all our friends/ it’ll never come to blows/ We’ll stand here ‘til the end/ and always steal the show/ Ya know

Verse 2
Through the path of life we test some nerves and trade obscenities/ it’s not the only theme/ of sibling rivalry/ but as we grow together, more in common do we ever seem/ the ties that bind the dreams/ we’ve mastered beautifully/ the people know that we got our own flavors/ were blood relatives taking on the majors/ a common trend that can be sewn between the lot of these/ our musicality/ we stand in unity

Mess with one and face the pack
Our family has got our backs!
Track Name: Student Ghetto Fantasy
4. Student Ghetto Fantasy
Words and Music by Ryan Guay
Produced by Will Marr, John Doherty and Ryan Guay

If there's a bush to beat around
I've always been such a fool-hearted pacifist; Let her strike me down
And the love takes no prisoners so don't you be afraid
When it's go time baby, the night you'll stay

Verse 1:
And every boy in the bar, thinks you want him and that’s okay
Woah, you could order off the menu and have the finest steak
But you're a vegetarian, I'm cooking vegan-safe
When it's go time baby, the night you'll stay

I'll take you home
I’ma take you home
Set the tone
Spark that bowl of ghetto soul
And I'll take you home
I’ma take you home
Come along with me
A student ghetto fantasy yeah

Verse 2:
And when were rollin’ through my hood, there's no reason to be afraid
Woah, you gotta know that Ill protect you like a certified MMA
I ain't got no vehicle, but public transit's safe
When its go time baby, the night you'll stay
Track Name: Old Time Beat (feat. Gianni Luminati, Sarah Blackwood, Ian Blackwood, krNfx, Donny Yonder & Wolf Saga)
5. Old Time Beat
Feat. Gianni and Sarah of Walk off the Earth, KRNFX, Ian Blackwood, Wolf Saga & Donny Yonder

Music by Ian Blackwood
Words by Ian Blackwood, Ryan Guay, James Morabito and Gianni Nicassio
Produced by Ian Blackwood and Ryan Guay

(Performed by: I. Blackwood, S. Blackwood, J. Saga, R. Guay)
Livin’ for that summer sun out here in the heat
Give me something gold, give me that old time beat

Verse 1
(Performed by: Ryan Guay of Street Pharmacy):
She was golden like the sun/ Not orange like a tan/ that was faked from a bottle/ topless model in the sand/ From the poster on the wall/ bikini centerfold; Her hands/ seem to cover up the areas that often make a man/ a little crazy/ Its hazy/ I think her name is Daisy/ Me and G and Ian B. thought she was classy like Mercedes/ It’s hotter than in Hades outside/ I’m feeling lazy/ but as the single one it’s almost implied/ I shout “Hey ladies!”/ like its back in ’89 and I’m in Paul’s Boutique/ We spin The Beasties, Tribe and Dre/ That shit is on repeat/ We spark a fire on the beach and start strummin’ the guit/ while Terry drops a funky beat/ We’ll make your summer complete

Verse 2
(Performed by: James M of Donny Yonder)
Give me the sun and a song to write /and I’ma live a longer life/ A diamond shines brightest when you hold it in the light/ On Some days I wish that I could steal the sun rays/ I love a sun kissed misses and summer time kisses/ On with the business, reach the sand, feeling right/ Joint in my left hand, drink in my right/ It's all for love though/ loving those who down with the same vibe/ So aim high, don't matter age, skill or frame size/ We're all on the same ride/ didn't notice where we're going/ So when the sun shines I try to focus on the moment/ Hope that it stays forever now that I've seen it come/ Cause that's where I belong in the sweet summer sun

Verse 3
(Performed by Gianni ‘Luminati’ Nicassio of Walk off the Earth)

Just like them old times/ Ganja high/ Tequila wit dat salty lime/ Girls ‘pon the dance floor/ short skirts/ hands in sky/ The reggae band gone hit the stage/ Your distress gonna disengage/ Street pharm ripping up the stage/ gonna need more lemon pledge/ There's something about those sunny hours that/I don't know/just makes ya wanna kiss some/ bodies be steaming hot like edamame/ oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah/ the party's moving back stage/naughty/ You ain't gotta go home/ so don't go/ I threw away the keys to your car/ You ain't gotta go home/ so just listen to the beer bottle slide on guitar
Track Name: Trailer Parks
6. Trailer Parks
Music by Ryan Guay
Words by Ryan Guay
Produced by Will Marr, Ian Blackwood and Ryan Guay

Verse 1:
I remember when we laid in your bed sheets/ and cuddled to trap beat/ that summer was so sweet/ then you told me that you needed to split peace/ you needed a new squeeze/ to pay for your rent please/ mashed potatoes was as soft as I could be/ but I do regret she/ was nothing but striptease/ trailer parks have never been much of my scene anyhow

When you see her ‘round San Francisco
Let her know I found a girl that will never let me down
My music never lets me down
And when you see me ‘round San Francisco
I won’t be swimmin’ with the fish, I’ll be higher than the clouds
My music never lets me down

Verse 2:
She pretended to get beat by her family/ she’s harmless as can be/ and fragile like Bambi/ but quite the opposite was true of this banshee/ she’s heartless and hands-free/ a poisonous candy/ before you left you stole my car and my money/ and thought it was funny/ but I ain’t no dummy/ that razor burn is a burn that will burn you forever now

I don’t have to ask how she’s doing these days
You can find her victims all along the interstate
If you locked her up at Alcatraz, she still would find a way
To steal that bread and butter, swim under the Golden Gate
Track Name: Twenty Young
Twenty Young
Music by Ryan Guay & Adam Tune
Words by Ryan Guay
Produced by Adam Tune, Will Marr and Ian Blackwood


The wait is over
We’re twenty young, now we have arrived
And we ain’t getting any younger baby
Take a chance, all in and just let ‘er ride

The wait is over.
We’re twenty young, in the prime of our lives
And we ain’t waiting any longer baby
Take a chance all in and just let ‘er ride

Verse #1

Take another big swig
We’re pounding back another one
Drink until we’re over it
I’m looking out for number one


So glad you made it
They Say, I guess we’ll never learn
Inebriated, it’s our turn

Verse #2

Party ‘til they have a fit
Sleep until the next one
They don’t know the half of it
Our egos bigger than the sun
Track Name: Lying Next To You
9. Lying Next To You
Words and Music by Ryan Guay and Gavin Brown
Produced by Adam Tune, Gavin Brown & Ryan Guay

Verse 1
Well I’m waking you up so I can take you home but to tell you the truth I don’t want you to go.
I’m lying beside you and how could you’ve known that I’ve been hoping forever that I’d get you alone.
Since love is an imbalance of the brain you should know to make the moves while you’re young before the feelings get old. Get old

All I want to say is I need you know
Please just say you’ll stay, I want you now
We’ll just stay awake ‘til the sun comes out
Getting up is so hard to do when I’m lying next to you

Verse 2
You’re such a beautiful soul to which you already know. It’s more than words as they’d say, not too extreme I would hope.
As I stare at you now, you’re fast asleep in the glow of the moon in the stars, there’s something that you should know.
Since love is an imbalance of the brain you should know to make the moves while you’re young before the feelings get old. Get old
Track Name: The Morning Song
The Morning Song
Words and Music by Ryan Guay
Produced by Ian Blackwood & Ryan Guay

Verse 1a

Early rising just ain’t my thing
I got no problems with birds that sing
Outside our window or anything and you say
Don’t be scared of what daylight brings

Verse 1b

I crack a smile and you crack an egg
My head’s in pillows, you watch me beg
Just five more minutes I’m promising and you say
Don’t be scared of what daylight brings

I’m not scared
I believe
It’s too warm to leave
I got you
You got me
We got each other
Can we live between these sheets?

Oh its not fair
To me
Oh it’s too warm to leave
I got you
You got me
We got each other
Can we live between these sheets?

Verse 2
The freezing cold is our enemy
I’ll hold you close, pull you into me
Come back to bed and put down your tea then you say:
Don’t be scared of what daylight brings


You can tell me once
You can tell me twice
But I’m asking you nice
Can we stay here ‘til tonight?

Verse 3
Tried every angle, crossed every ‘t’
I’d dot my ‘i’’s but they’re closed for sleep
You called my bluff, nothing up my sleeve and you say
Don’t be scared of what daylight brings
Track Name: Waterslide
11. Waterslide
Music by Ryan Guay, Will Marr and John Doherty
Words by Ryan Guay
Produced by Will Marr, John Doherty & Ryan Guay

This ride ain't certified
No where we can run and hide
Slippin' down this waterslide ah-oh
Malthus tells me otherwise
We (I) don't buy into his lie
Slippin' down this waterslide ah-oh
Porcelain and profit scams that hold hands very tight
And if its soap that we're hoping for, not even soap can wash us clean and right

Verse 1
(R. Guay)
Just another problem city pretty/ times are getting gritty/ pity never pays the cover/ other men and women suffer/ everyday its getting tougher/ people screaming that we (stop)/ froze in time or watch the clock/ fall in line but the flock/ we like Boston more than feelings/ we can gather what we've earned/ play the cards like burned and turn/ lesson learned, lesson learned/ leave her naked 'cause we peeled it/ we can feel it common spirit/ change is more than what we needed but we not

Verse 2
(J. Doherty)
People, blind but yet they’re peering through their peephole/ built it up but burdened by their ego/ burned it down but isn't very legal/ no its not

(R. Guay)
Strong in numbers but we're feeble/ liquid paper lines are blurred/ high from vapor that's occurred/ rest assured, rest assured/ opened doors to light my fire/ in that streetcar named desire/ sell it to the biggest buyer's parking lot
Track Name: Rendered (feat. John Doherty)
Words and Music by Ryan Guay, John Doherty and Will Marr
Produced by Will Marr, John Doherty and Ryan Guay

Verse 1
No you don’t need a teacher to know,
That the winter’s cold and its bound to snow
And know my windshield’s clear, and I can see
That this train is leaving with you
And not me

Verse 2
I had all the symptoms, displayed all the signs
I cried the rivers this this basin’s nothing close to dry
Some say I’m crazy but they never read between the lines
So I threw away the book, this love has rendered the both of us
Blind, we’re so damn blind

Yeah, Woah, Oh

Verse #3
No I can’t count the days that it’s been
Since I left the seat up and you fell in
And no I don’t hear that voice anymore
Just some marks you left where your heals
Scratched the floor (out the door)

Ending Chorus
We’re so damn blind X4
Now I’m waiting here for love

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